Front Line Demonstration – Plant Breeding

Rice var. RC Maniphou- 10

RC Maniphou -10 is a medium tall (70-90 cm) derivative cross between Prasad and IR – 24. It is tolerant to neck blast and leaft blast. Its average yield is 5 tonnes per hectare whith soft quality. This variety matures in 120 – 125 days and is suitable for main Kharif season (July – September). It has anthocyanin pigmentation at the base, stigma and grain apiculus with well exerted erect flag leaves. It has a high tillering ability and bears 150 – 250 spikelets per panicle.

                RC Maniphou - 10 was released as a state variety in the year 2007 at ICAR RC for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Lamphelpat.

                RC Maniphou – 10 is an improved rice variety and was demonstrated in the farmers’ field of of Chandel District in terms of production. An average yield was 52.25 q/ha (5.22 t/ha) as compare to local check yield 35.75 q/ha (3.57 t/ha). The average net return was found to be Rs.38, 890/- and B: C (Benefit Cost Ratio) is 1.7:1.