On Farm Testing – Animal Science

OFT on Piggery

Rearing of crossbread Hampshire pigs under different feeding trial (2011-2013)

Problem diagnosed
  • Poor Nutrition &Management
  • Low body weight gain
Technology 30% Maize, 40% Kitchen waste, 30% Colocassia & Routine de-worming (at 2 months’ interval)

Local Practices:

40%  with bran, 60 % kitchen waste & no de-worming

Parameter Assessment Technology:

1. Body  weight gain(250g/day)

2. Mortality (nil)

3. Age of sexual maturity(9-10 month)

4. Litter size at birth(10-/sow)

5. Litter size at weaning


Farmer Practices:

1. Body  weight gain(200g/day)

2.  Mortality (nil)

3. Age of sexual maturity(12 month)

4.  Litter size(/4-6/sow)


Colocassia/maize upto 30% and kitchen waste 40% with routine de-worming increase numbers of litter size with litter weight than the farmers practice. The technology is recommended and can be propagated in large scale.